Finding Tranquility at Home

We know that you’ve been looking for this.

But, shh… 

Don’t tell anyone.

You’re going to be one of the first to meet the new member of our family. 

(Clue: She’s nearly silent.)


She’s here.

We’re proud to present Tranquility, our new series of window air conditioners. 

Tranquility Window AC

Why Tranquility?

There are different things that help us feel Tranquility.  It may be music, being in nature, spending time with family, a walk in the woods, fishing, exercise, or a beautiful garden… 

Now, we’re bringing Tranquility to your home. 


With the help of our new Window AC series.

Here are 5 things it can do for you: 

1. Helps You Sleep Tight: NEARLY SILENT

With a reduced noise output of only 42 decibels, the Tranquility Series Window AC is so quiet you might be able to hear your own heart beating. That’s more quiet than rain falling and almost as quiet as a rural public library.

And, did you know that noise affects sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, Sleeping in a noisy space not only disrupts the quality of your sleep, but it can also leave you feeling less satisfied with your overall sleep experience”.  So with her around, we all get to sleep like babies. 

Sleep like a baby

Additionally, Healthline suggests that temperatures above 65°F can also affect your sleep, as well as high humidity levels. So a cooler room can lead to longer, higher-quality sleep.

2. Helps You Calm Down Quickly: EFFICIENT COOLING

If you’re the kind of person who can’t stand the heat, warm temps could stress you out a bit. We don’t blame you.  

Although sunny days can help us feel better, this doesn’t mean high temperatures help us feel great. According to the Washington Post, there is a continual drop in happiness once temperatures reach 70 degrees or higher. The same happens with temperatures lower than 50 degrees, so it seems the sweet spot is anywhere from 50-70 degrees.

TOSOT Window Air Conditioner

To stay calm, you need a Window AC that can cool the room quickly and efficiently. Tranquility cools the room fast, and cool air can be felt up to 20 ft away thanks to the high airflow volume of 212 CFM!

3. Adapts to Your Needs: ADJUSTABLE LOUVERS

Isn’t life easier when things adapt to your real needs? With Tranquility, air will go where you need it the most. Use the adjustable louvers to point the wind in an upwards direction to keep the cold air off your face and cool down the room more effectively. 

Adjustable Louvers

4. Has a Solution to Every Problem:  3-IN-1 SOLUTION

Tranquility has the solution to your temperature, humidity, and ventilation problems.

We're giving you three products for the price of one! This is not only a Window AC but also comes with modes for fan-only and for dehumidifying so you can keep your home comfortable in all environments.

3 in 1 window air conditioner

5. Comforting View: LOOKS AMAZING

Did you know that what we see affects our mood? Creating the perfect environment at home is fundamental. As mentioned by Simply Grove, In your home, how you design and style your space can greatly influence your mood and emotions.”

Traditional Window ACs are ugly. You need a view that can help you relax and feel nice. Doesn’t this look like a space you’d love to live in?

Window AC

Today we invite you to make Tranquility part of your home, because a better life starts with a better home.


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