Connect TOSOT Appliances

*This guide was created for all models, so images or contents may slightly differ from your product.
Step 2 Create a new account
Create an account with your email and password. If you already have an account, log in and proceed to the next step.
Step 3 Connect the device
1. Add a new device automatically
Before attempting device installation, check that the device's WiFi function is live and turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth.

a. Auto-search for a device

Before attempting device installation, check that the device's WiFi function is live and turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth.

b.Connect to WiFi

After connecting to the home WiFi, the app will start connecting. If the connection fails, you can always add the device manually. Please check the next section for details on manual connection.
2. Add a new device manually
Before attempting the installation, please first activate the device's WiFi function and turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth.

a. Select the machine type

Tap the product category and find your machine type.

b. Get your remote ready and prepare for connection

Tap “Add manually”. Follow the instructions on the screen.

c. Enable WiFi connection

Select Wi-Fi network, enter the password for your WiFi network, then tap the “Search device” button.

d. Connect to the device’s hotspot

The hotspot name starts with GR-AC and will be followed with random numbers or letters. The default password is 12345678. Go back to the app when the connection is made and tap “Next step.” After the product is added successfully, the app switches back to your home WiFi. The product hotspot will disconnect automatically.

e. Start connecting

The whole process will take 2 minutes.
Trouble adding products
Basic guide:
  • Ensure you are using a 2.4 GHz WiFi network with no firewall activated. Gree+ does not currently support 5GHz WiFi.
  • Check the WiFi signal. If the router is too far from the appliance, it might result in an unstable connection and frequent drops. Try to move the unit closer or install a WiFi extender to strengthen the signal.
  • Make sure your smartphone and device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Unplug and wait for 60 seconds before retrying if an error occurs during connection.
  • Contact us for more detailed instructions if you cannot connect your device. You can reach us via or call us at +1 702-514-1603‬ (1 pm-4pm EST, Mon-Fri)
Explore the benefits of Gree+

Working in modes

Customize the settings you use in different scenes. Save them to your favorites and access them quickly.

Control your devices

Monitor and control dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and other appliances.

Works with Alexa and Google Home

Just say the word. Use your voice to control smart devices.Note that this feature is not supported on certain models.