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30,000 BTU Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner - Heat Pump

30,000 BTU Dual Zone Mini Split Air Conditioner - Heat Pump

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The TOSOT Free Match Multi-Zones Split System provides cooling in multiple rooms using just one outdoor unit. It is designed for durability, efficiency, and advanced eco-friendly performance.

    • Energy Star certified: Rated at 21 SEER2 and COP 3.91 (above average level), this system can save you up to 50% on energy costs compared to units rated at SEER2 10.
    • Inverter DC technology: Heat and cool faster while consuming less energy than traditional units.
    • For extreme heat and cold conditions: Performs exceptionally well even under extreme heat (118°F) and ultra-chilling (-22°F) weather conditions.
    • WiFi-enabled: Control your device using the Gree+ app or through voice commands using Alexa or Google Home
    • All accessories included: Piping max. length 32 f.t. Extra length available for sale if needed.
    • Recommended for rooms1300 sq. ft.

    High-Efficiency DC Inverter

    With over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the HVAC industry, TOSOT is aware of the importance of durability and energy efficiency. The ultra-inverter DC technology is engineered to lower energy costs and achieve above-average SEER/COP ratings.  With self-developed inverter DC technology, the compressor runs in a high-frequency mode, which enables the room to cool down or heat up at a faster rate.

    Works in Harsh Conditions (-22°F to 118°F)

    The TOSOT multi-zone system is ideal for climate control, whether you're in hot states like Arizona in the south or cold regions like Michigan in the north. This model performs exceptionally well year-round, providing comfort to your family regardless of the season. Even during extended winter vacations, the 45°F(8°C) heating function prevents freezing pipes while maintaining low energy costs.

    Safe and Flexible

    TOSOT outdoor units are designed to be compact enough to fit into any layout. The flexibility in piping provides greater installation options and reduced installation costs. Additionally, important components are covered within a fireproof electric box, ensuring resistance to fire hazards.

    Blue Fin Compressor

    Blue Fin shielding protects against rust and corrosion and the effects of weather, such as water droplets, acid and air salts. The TOSOT Free Match split system maintains long-lasting performance even in coastal areas with harsh environmental conditions.

    Intelligent Defrosting 

    TOSOT's intelligent defrosting technology accurately detects the frosting status of an outdoor unit using temperature sensors. It then smartly adjusts the defrosting process according to the actual conditions, enhancing heating efficiency and ensuring room comfort.

    Manufacturer Warranty

    The Free Match multi-zone system comes with a standard 5-year warranty for both the compressor and parts. For any inquiries or assistance, please email or call us at +1 702-514-1603‬ (9am-6pm EST, Mon-Fri). Our professional support team will assess your case and either cover your repair costs or provide free replacement parts, depending on the situation.


    More Functions

    4 Modes, 1 Unit 

    Powerful cooling, heating, fan, and dehumidifying functions all in one unit. 

    Compatible with Smart Thermostats

    Works with third-party smart thermostat kits such as Google Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, and more. 

    Less Noise

    The noise level of the indoor unit is only 24-40 dB, comparable to a whispered conversation or quiet library. 

    Sleep Mode

    Enable sleep mode to adjust for scientifically-proven optimal sleeping temperature automatically.

    Zone and Head Combinations 



    Head Combinations


    Dual Zone



    Dual Zone



    Dual Zone





    Dual Zone


    Dual Zone






    Quad Zone


    It's important to note that the indoor BTU range should typically be within 100% to 125% of the total BTUs (British Thermal Units) of the outdoor condenser unit in an HVAC system. For example, for a 24K BTU outdoor unit, the total BTUs of the indoor units added together should be between 24-30K BTUs. This range ensures optimal efficiency and performance of the system. If the indoor capacity is lower or higher than this standard range, it can lead to reduced efficiency and potentially other issues with the system's operation.