What You Should Know When Running Heat Pump in Winter

The air conditioners we use in summer come in all shapes and sizes. There is the standard central air conditioning system, mini-split systems for larger rooms, window-mounted units, and portable air conditioners that can be moved from room to room.

In most of the United States, most of these units are stored until summer comes back around, but for those who want an all-in-one unit besides their central HVAC system, there is one lesser-known solution: a mini-split AC with added heat pump function.

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    How does a mini-split heat pump work?

    The extremely cold liquid refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoor environment and transfers it to the indoor unit through the line. If the refrigerant is colder than the air outdoors, heat energy can be absorbed since heat naturally flows from a warmer body to a colder body (via the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). A heat pump system can absorb heat even when it is below freezing outside, at temperatures as low as -4 °F.

    Should you get a mini-split heat pump?

    Here are some of the best situations to consider buying a mini-split with a built-in heat pump.

    Older or historic homes

    Older homes, especially those built before the 1950s, may not have been built with HVAC ducts in mind. However, most people still need effective heating and cooling technology. Mini-split heat pumps can provide comfort year-round in your home. These systems are also perfect for homes with rare or historic architecture. Mini-split heat pumps allow effective heating and cooling without compromising the structure or design of the home.

    Tiny homes

    Tiny homes have become increasingly popular over the last few years with the reawakening of the “minimalist” movement and not owning more space or things than you need. These smaller homes, some less than 600 sq ft total, do not need a large HVAC system but are still too small for just a window or portable unit.

    Home additions

    If you have a new home addition or a small area of your home that you would like to make more comfortable without re-doing your entire HVAC system, mini-split heat pumps can help. These systems provide the extra boost you are looking for without any extreme redesign measures.

    Home renovations

    Finally, this is perfect for homes that cannot afford renovation for ductwork in addition to a new HVAC unit. Mini-split heat pumps give you the effective heating and cooling you are looking for without the cost of installing ductwork.

    How to operate the heat pump in winter efficiently

    Mini-split ACs with a heat pump generally require less maintenance than other air conditioners. To maximize the heating capability of your machine in winter and, at the same time, save more money, you only need to follow the below four tips.

    Set to run at an optimal temperature

    One of the advantages of a mini split ac is that it always stays on. This way, it can manage the temperature energy efficiently, unlike a traditional model that turns on and off regularly.

    When you turn on the heat pump function in the winter, it is unlikely that the temperature will soar immediately like a rocket. Instead, slowly ramping up and down is much more the norm. Setting a different temperature for occupied and unoccupied scenarios will help you warm the house more efficiently. We have some customers who equipped their HVAC systems with a smart thermostat to ensure comfort and saving. This can be a great solution.

    Mind the drainage

    The outdoor unit should be installed at least two feet off the ground for heavy snowy areas. Otherwise, there is a large possibility that the outdoor condenser might suck in the snow mounted under. When this happens, the machine will run harder to melt down the snow first and then to heat the room.

    Ensure air circulation

    Clear any snow or leaves that block the air from coming out from the outdoor unit. A lack of air circulation will result in poor heating efficiency. You can install a roof or any other cover above the exterior unit. Please note that you should not directly cover the unit as that will prevent air intake.

    Apart from these tips, we recommend that you always choose a unit with a higher HSPF rating and always consider the running temperature.

    TOSOT mini-split ACs with heat pumps are rated at 9 HSPF and capable of providing warmth at temperatures down to -13℉. Winter freeze is coming. Shop TOSOT mini split ac with a heat pump to warm you up this winter.

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