Insulated Hose Cover for Portable AC
Variants ID: 40806053511211
$42.99 Precio regular

Key Features

  • Universal Fits: Compatible with most portable AC units. A 59-inch length with wider velcro, helps it easily cover regular exhaust hoses and make it fit more firmly.
  • 3 Layers Heat Insulated: Three-layer structure with a waterproof interior and exterior polyester layer, well-insulated cotton mid-layer; this high-quality material provide excellent insulation around the vent pipe, and exhaust hose, keeping your room cool and comfortable. Blocks light that shines through the hose, Improves the AC cooling efficiency.
  • Quick Installation: One-step installation with no tools needed. Self-adhesive design. Comes with two adjustable straps for better fixation.
  • Attractive Design: The light gray appearance blends in well with any room decor, making it a necessary accessory for your portable AC unit. Insulates and reduces heat from exhaust hose, while adding a touch of style to your home.
  • Durable and Soft: High heating-reducing efficiency with great wrinkle-resistance material. Easy to fold to store when not used, meanwhile ensuring it won’t deform even after many times folding.